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Virtual Trunk

Radio System

The Conventional (Analog) Two-way Radio communication has become the prima donna of the Two-way radio communications system in the year before till today.

However, this paradigm has changed slowly, particularly in the year of the invention of the IP (Internet Protocol) technology which has made a lot of advancement in integrating almost all standardization in the telecommunication and computerization become easier, faster yet simpler to be accommodated to different protocol standards.

As it passes year of 2008, the IP technology develops into its maturity where all telecom and computer industries have adopted this protocol to be the Common Interface, almost all equipment for telecom and computer products will possess the IP (Internet Protocol) interface. This adoption and standardization make our life easier in integrating most of all equipment. By employing the IP technology, the analog era is fading away, whilst the Digital Era is raising, developing and evolving rapidly.

Similar case happens in Two-way radio communication system. The IP standard is starting to be adopted and employed to accommodate the today and future technology for the Two-way radio communication system.

Today, the new Two-way radio communication products have come with the IP Port interface. This means most of the structure has been changed to DIGITAL and in fact, the adoption of TDMA technology into the Two-way radio is also inserted with the products.

This is not just affecting the better technology in two-ways radio communications system such as Trunked Analog Radio System that has changed to Tetra-Trunked Digital Radio System based on IP, but this is also revolutionized the analog two-ways radio communications system to develop into DIGITAL Two-ways Radio Communications System. Furthermore, by packing the Digital and IP standard into the products, the other enhancement is also utilized into the product such as the GPS, Mapping, Text Message, Location Tracking, etc. IP and Digital Technology formulate this happen.

Therefore, in order to keep up with the today technology, we must enhance our knowledge and ability as well to learn and increase our knowledge for this technology.

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