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PT. EKACITRA BUMIKARYA was established in 1996, Indonesia based with the full commitment in providing the products and services for the telecommunication industry. Starting from the year of 1996, we began with all products for 2 ways Radio communications and paging products, and specializing in MOTOROLA Radio products. The company objectives are to provide solutions from supplying the equipment to installation, testing, commissioning, service and repair as well as consultation.


PT. EKACITRA BUMIKARYA is a dynamic IT and Telecommunications solutions provider focusing on providing customized and practical solutions to dynamic customers in an ever progressive market place with a commitment to quality of service.


PT. EKACITRA BUMIKARYA is committed to grow by forming alliances with partners around the region.
• Presently with partners established in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA, U.K., and Hongkong.
• To work with industry leader to provide practical solutions to customer.


Availability of Stocks on Our product:
• Stocks are warehoused in local market.
• Stocks will also be kept at regional hub in Singapore.
• Replacement stocks will be kept at both regional and local offices.
• Quick turnaround assured.
• Technical Support for our Products:
• In-Country technical support
• Motorola’s product support group in Singapore as well as in the USA.
• Through our Sub agents in local market.
• Technical Engineers availability in local offices in country.
• 24 Hours a day Direct Support through our alliances from Hong Kong, USA, and Europe Teleport and Communication Center.
• Assurance of services through regular monthly routine checked for maintenance purpose.


PT. EKACITRA BUMIKARYA and its Partners and Alliances
• are committed to expand and grow the business in Indonesia.
• Full commitment to support from All its Partners and Alliances.
• Direct Commitment from our Partnership with the Product Manufacturers from Supplying to Su porting the delivery, repairing as well as the Warranty.