Services for you

In PT Ekacitra Bumikarya's workshop, we provide services from the start with comprehensive coverage. This enhanced level of coverage helps to lower your total cost of ownership, protects your investment and productivity, and provides service peace of mind.

- Inclusive Survey for Two-way Radio Communication networks
- Communication Systems Design
- Installation for Radio System
- Retuning Duplexers, Combiners and Bandpass Filter
- Repairation for Radio Devices (Repeater, HT, Base Station)
- Radio Programming
- Technical Consultancy for Two-way Radio
- Maintenance Services

PT Ekacitra Bumikarya's workshop preserves highly skilled certified technicians, knowledgeable and friendly service staff, state-of-the-art equipment and tools, and genuine parts from our partnerships and alliances that are designed to keep your instruments and devices working at PT Ekacitra Bumikarya's high-quality levels.


Our Workshop