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PT Ekacitra Bumikarya is a customer oriented two way radio communication specialist. We offer products and support in two way radio (walkie talkies), two way radio accessories and batteries, and two way radio system design and general supplier . As a charter world’s leading two way radio brands, we have been providing portable two way radios and walkie talkie services since 1996. Whether your old walkie talkie needs repaired or you need to built-up radio communication system, PT Ekactira Bumikarya has a solution to fit your needs.

- Sales Retail
- Digital Radio
- Analog Radio
- Gess Projector LED 
- Esterline 
- X-ray (Nuctech).
- Blue Mega ATIS 
- Becker- Ground to Air 
- Vetter 
- Skytrax Voice
- Starvo 
- Vetter 
- Zetex



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